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Planning and Tree Works Applications Registered from 27/03/2017 to 02/04/2017

by Simon Cooper on 3 April, 2017

3 Planning applications and a tree work appication this week:

17/0483/S73 30/03/2017 1 Great Eastern Street
S73 application to amend approved plans of planning permission 14/0607/FUL (as amended by 16/0146/NMA) to permit minor material amendment with the repositioning boundary adjacent to no. 3, erection of meter cupboard, minor alterations to fenestration of rear apartment block and regularisation of plans of frontage building to reflect changes approved under application 16/0990/FUL.
More information here

17/0493/FUL 30/03/2017 190 Mill Road
Change of Use from Retail (Use Class A1) to Retail (Partial Use Class A1) & Tattoo Parlour (Sui Generis Use)
More information here

17/0553/FUL 31/03/2017 61 Hemingford Road
Single storey rear/side extension
More information here

17/133/TTCA 28/03/2017 55 Great Eastern Street
Prunus – remove overhanging branches back to boundary line or appropriate pruning point, cut back ivy to boundary line
Weeping silver birch – reduce overhang to garden by shortening all overhanging branches by 1.5-2m to appropriate pruning points to retain natural weeping form of canopy
More information here

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