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Changes to bin collection days at Easter

by Paul Saunders on 13 March, 2018

News from the City Council:

Bin collections will change over the 2018 Easter period at the end of March and start of April as follows:

Usual collection day       Revised Easter collection
Friday 30 March                  Tuesday 3 April
Monday 2 April                    Wednesday 4 April
Tuesday 3 April                   Thursday 5 April
Wednesday 4 April             Friday 6 April
Thursday 5 April                  Saturday 7 April
Friday 6 April                       Monday 9 April
Monday 9 April                    Tuesday 10 April
Tuesday 10 April                 Wednesday 11 April
Wednesday 11 April           Thursday 12 April
Thursday 12 April                Friday 13 April
Friday 13 April                    Saturday 14 April

Collections are back to usual schedule from Monday 16 April

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