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Changes to bin collection days at Easter

by Paul Saunders on 13 March, 2018

News from the City Council: Bin collections will change over the 2018 Easter period at the end of March and start of April as follows: Usual collection day       Revised Easter collection Friday 30 March                  Tuesday 3 April Monday 2 April              […]

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S106 funding applications

by Simon Cooper on 20 April, 2017

Every year there is an allocation of Section 106 funding to the local area for improvements to various local amenities. These are paid for using contributions from developers doing redevelopment in the area, to help maintain and improve public amenities that will be used by more people as a result of the redevelopment. Every year, […]

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Review of local community centres

by Simon Cooper on 26 February, 2017

The City Council have just published their initial review of the provision of community centres in Cambridge. In the review, the Council are recommending that the community centre on Ross St is maintained, but they will be looking for an external voluntary organisation to manage the day-to-day running of the centre. As such, the review […]

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County budget decisions

by Simon Cooper on 18 February, 2017

On Tuesday the County Council narrowly voted to keep basic council tax the same, but add a 2% social care levy earmarked for social care only. Other needed funding will be paid for out of the reserves. As I mentioned on my blog, the County council faces a huge budgetary challenge over the next few […]

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New Abbey to Addy bus service

by Tom Yates on 12 April, 2016

A new bus service will start to operate on May 3rd from Abbey to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. From Newmarket Park and Ride, it will go along Newmarket Road, Barnwell Road, Brooks Road, Perne Road, up Cherry Hinton Road, then down Hills Road to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, The journey the other way will be along the same route […]

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An Elected Mayor for East Anglia?

by Tom Yates on 30 March, 2016

Councillor Catherine Smart comments on what has been going on. The Government has offered to devolve power from Whitehall if there is an Elected Mayor for East Anglia. Cambridge City Council, the Cambridgeshire business community (as represented by the LEP) and Cambridgeshire County Council, have all said, “Thanks but no thanks”. The reasons for saying […]

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Christmas rubbish collection for Romsey

by Paul Saunders on 22 December, 2015

Most of Romsey has rubbish collected on a Monday so few changes are needed to accommodate the Bank Holidays this year. The collection on December 21st will be as usual but the week after Christmas will be a day later – on Tuesday 29th December. The following week will be on the Monday as usual. […]

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The Labour-run City Council has been accused of being ‘out of touch’ after choosing to invest in commercial property rather than much needed affordable housing. The Lib Dems have proposed to invest £12 million to build over 100 new homes on existing council land. This would have given local families and young professionals an affordable place to call home – but Labour councillors voted down the plans. Romsey campaigner Nichola Martin said: “Cambridge […]

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A invitation from Ross Street Community Centre .. GRAND OPENING EVENT WITH THE MAYOR Saturday 7 March, 12 noon – 4pm  12.00 – 3.00 Children’s games, crafts, stalls, singing, gardening, local history 3.00 – 4.00 Mad Hatters Tea Party We also have a few fun events planned to give you a chance to see the refurbished Centre and […]

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The future of Great Eastern Street car park

by Paul Saunders on 18 December, 2014

A message from Donald Adey, The Labour-run City Council is currently considering whether to introduce charges for use of the Great Eastern Street car park. They have also proposed to increase the size of the car park by removing the play area that sits next to the site. To offset against the loss of play area, they […]

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