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Planning and Tree Works Applications Registered from 03/04/2017 to 16/04/2017

by Simon Cooper on 20 April, 2017

Nine new planning applications in the last fortnight:

7/0444/FUL 03/04/2017 31 Marmora Road
Installation of external wall insulation and raising of roof.
More information here

17/0446/DEMDET 05/04/2017 Cambridge And Huntingdon Health Authority, 18 Vinery Road
Timber storey building with concrete base and felt covered pitched roof.
More information here

17/0602/FUL 06/04/2017 20 Madras Road
Rear roof extension, including raising ridge height.
More information here

17/150/TTCA 04/04/2017 18 Hobart Road
Removal of 1 Cherry flowering by 6.0m high and 1 Bay by 7.0m high
More information here

17/155/TTCA 06/04/2017 William Smith Close
T1: Sycamore – raise crown to 4m over car park and remove deadwood
T2: Silver Birch – Remove
T3: Silver Birch – Remove
T5: Robinia – Remove
T9: Silver Birch – Remove
T10: Sumach – Remove
T11: Robinia – Fell
T22: Scarket Oak – Fell
T24: Cherry – Remove
T25: Sumach – Remove
T26: Cherry – Fell and remove
T27: Cherry – Remove
T28: Scots pine – sever ivy
More information here

16/0469/NMA1 11/04/2017 394-398 Mill Road & 8 Montreal Road
Non material amendment on application 16/0469/S73 for alteration to rooflights to flat 13 and solar panels
More information here

17/0594/FUL 12/04/2017 75 St Philips Road
Remodelling of existing dwelling to include: replacement of roof coverings; replacement windows; new roof lights to main elevation; new rear dormer; external insulation of exposed gable wall; new single-storey extension to rear.
More information here

17/0641/FUL 13/04/2017 79 Cavendish Road
Single storey side/rear extension
More information here

17/172/TTCA 12/04/2017 21 St Philips Road
Bay tree – fell
More information here

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