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S106 funding applications

by Simon Cooper on 20 April, 2017

Every year there is an allocation of Section 106 funding to the local area for improvements to various local amenities. These are paid for using contributions from developers doing redevelopment in the area, to help maintain and improve public amenities that will be used by more people as a result of the redevelopment. Every year, the East Area committee considers various applications for S106 funding, and allocates money appropriately.

This year, a large amount of money (~£80,000) was allocated to substantially refurbish the play area on Coldham’s Lane to make it more suitable for older children. Other schemes also given funding in the East Area are improvements to the play areas on Lichfield Road, Brother’s Place, and St Matthew’s Piece.

One scheme which did not get funding was improvements to the play area on Ashbury Close; despite it needing a lot of improvements, it was felt that it is quite close to Coleridge Rec, and so the area benefits from the recent expansion of the play area there. A further expansion of the Coleridge Rec play area was also not recommended.

Hopefully the work to improve the Coldham’s Lane play area will start later this year, substantially improving the area for local children and teenagers.

The full report can be found here

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