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Hackney carriage and private hire vehicle CCTV consultation

by Paul Saunders on 1 March, 2018

The City Council is running a consultation from 1 March 2018, 12:00am to 26 March 2018, 11:59pm

“The implementation of CCTV in hackney carriage and private hire vehicles was agreed and made mandatory by councillors in October 2017.

Having CCTV in all licensed vehicles will enable the prevention and detection of crime, and promote a safe experience for both licensed drivers and the travelling public.

The key objectives are:

  • To protect licensed drivers
  • To protect the travelling public
  • To ensure licensed drivers continue to be ‘fit and proper’ in line with licence conditions
  • To enable investigations to be fully supported with evidence in a secure and retrievable form

The overarching principle of the legislation that governs hackney carriage and private hire vehicles is one of safety.

Drivers of licensed vehicles are placed in a position of trust to carry, sometimes unaccompanied, vulnerable individuals. At the same time, they place themselves in vulnerable positions on a daily basis; they can be subject to verbal and physical abuse, robberies and false allegations. They play a pivotal role in dispersing members of the public who make use of the night-time economy.”

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